Lisa Zimmer

Intuitive Consultant ~Life Coach~Radio Host

Lisa Zimmer (Mahoney) is internationally known as an accurate and confidential Clairvoyant and Life Coach.Lisa has been known for her insight and compassion in her work for over 25 years.Sought by law enforcement for crime solving, her reputation led to an International clientele.

Lisa Zimmer  is a published writer and columnist who developed a Body, Mind, Spirit television show where she worked with and was endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Larry Dossey and other pioneers in the field.Her published Guided Imagery Visualizations have aided clients overcoming challenges in their lives, and guiding them to a more fulfilling future in accomplishing their goals.

Now offering consultations in person or by phone for:Life Coach Direction and Clairvoyant Appointments.

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Trust your Instincts

As children we are taught we have five senses, when in reality we have six.Our inherent gift of intuition allows us to be connected with Divine thought and feeling, to assist us in life ,and for our basic survival.Without the acceptance and recognition of our innate knowing, we bounce through life being affected by everything we interact with, positively or negatively.We are at the mercy of circumstances instead of realizing our unbridled power that exists in every human spirit.

You can learn simple techniques to enhance intuitive awareness, making life easier to manuever and co-creating our joy and fulfillment.Signing up for a workshops will leave you with a heightened awareness and confidence about yourself, your perceptions and your life.The door to your intuitive self will forever be expanded, enhancing every aspect of your personal and professional life.

We all have the ability to be highly intuitive, but we must first awaken the sleeper.Rise and shine!


Speaking Engagements- varied pricing

Public Meetings/Parties- please inquire

Individual Consultation by phone- per hr; 1/2 hour; 15 minutes available


Email correspondence  and support is included with all prior sessions .

In Person Consultation- pricing slightly higher than phone consults 



Workshops/Classes- varied pricing for classes & workshops -depending upon workshop material

Life Coaching- First session 1 hour , sessions set up weekly after initial appointment.Weekly sessions need will vary individually.

Receive a 10% discount  on your next session, for referring others,must mention this from website.

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SKYPE for long distance or International clients